Sr.Officer Internal Audit Job in Pakistan 2024

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Company Name: HBL Asset Management Pakistan

Senior Officer Internal Audit Job in Pakistan May 2024
Source: Hbl Asset

HBL Asset Management Limited (HBL AMC) is an exclusively possessed subsidiary of Habib Bank Limited (HBL), the biggest commercial bank in Pakistan. The business was established in February, 2006 as a public limited company underneath the Companies Ordinance Act 1984. It was licensed for Investment Advisory and Asset Management Services by the SECP in April, 2006.

The company introduced its first fund in 2007 and has established performance of robust and constant progression over the past period. By a countrywide existence of corporate and retail customers, HBL AMC is one of the leading private fund management company in Pakistan. For the period of the year 2016, HBL AMC possessed PICIC Asset Management Company Limited which has later amalgamated into HBL AMC.

We are dealing more than 20 Funds including of Exchange Traded Fund, Pension Funds and Mutual Funds.

Posted Date:

May 18, 2024


Banking Sector

Job Duties/Responsibilities:

Senior Officer Internal Audit Job in Pakistan May 2024
Source: Codequotient
  • To perform audit site task contained by given schedules as per Audit Plan.
  • Control range of audit evaluation in combination by the Manager /Head Internal Audit.
  • Directing method of possibility evaluation, practice whole processes, gathering of audit evidence, enactment of audit assessments and credentials.
  • To support Internal Audit Manager in build-out of value internal auditing processes, confidential documents, and further audit correlated papers.
  • Support Internal Audit Manager in dealing continuous / on-going IA at HBL AML Office, ICs etc.
  • Evaluate accountability compliance through guidelines, pertinent laws, rules and regulations, procedures, plans, code of conduct and best practices.
  • Recognize significant concerns and deliver proper solutions.
  • Execute continuing update on activities enactment and appropriateness for counteractive activities.
  • Well-timed follow-up to Internal Audit Manager regarding important variations in valid governing setting i.e. SECP updated circulars, orders etc.
  • Perform all additional task set by Manager / HEAD Internal Audit in an actual and well-organized method constantly.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Solid team participant through exceptional work integrity and having a greater level of incentive determination and interpersonal abilities.
  • Sufficient business understanding.
  • Knowledgeable with company rules, processes, Auditing Standards, applicable rulings, IFRS, guidelines, corporate governance standards etc.
  • Communication Abilities & Good Analytical.
  • At least have Bachelor’s from reputed University.
  • CA, ACCA, CMA / MBA in Finance is desired.
  • Must have Minimum 1-3 years of experience in relevant field of the same industry.


Market Competitive


Audit Department


Head Office Karachi



How to Apply:

You can apply through sending CVs to with mentioning the position name in email’s subject line and For More Details Please Visits:

Senior Officer Internal Audit Job in Pakistan May 2024
Source: Hbl Asset

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Senior Officer Internal Audit Job in Pakistan May 2024
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