Top Social Media Platforms with Conventional Ways Will Support Job Seekers to Find Jobs

Job searching itself considered to be difficult task but not impossible. Further, there is a lot of ways to find perfect job for candidate as per their occupations with market competitive salary. In this article, individuals get to know about Job finding ways through top social media platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Reddit with Conventional ways like Employment Agencies, Google Job Search, Job Fairs, and Referrals will support job seekers to find jobs easily and effectively as per designation.

Top Social Media Platforms with Conventional Ways Will Support Job Seekers to Find Jobs

Job is the basic necessity of graduate student after passing out from any university in Pakistan. Unfortunately, well reputed universities students seems to be getting more jobs than low reputed university because employer in the market prefer them as their first priority due well reputed universities alumni are serving powerful positions in big companies so their demand to hire best graduate for the best position. However, Pakistan has been suffering from multiple complications like economic crises, currency devaluation, corruption, high inflation which is increasing with the speed light, debt crisis, high unemployment rate etc. Moreover, when graduated student fail to get a job easily due to above mentioned problems even though get a job at low salary or long probation period will take 6 months to 1 year for completion as employee gets his/her confirmation as permanent employee in that company. Mostly, employee’s conventional perception prevent them to switch jobs rapidly due to their traditional mentality to serve as long as I can to make eligible to get promotion but in this severe circumstances employee won’t achieve what they want but failure. Further, failure lead them into depression, mental disorder, and anxiety. In this article, employee will be aware about the wonderful and unique ways to find great job opportunities after graduation.

Methods to Search Job Opportunities by Using Social Media Platforms with Conventional Ways:

Following are the Methods to hunt multiple job opportunities easily and effectively.

1. How to Search Jobs on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is the social networking platform which is completely focus on employment and business which is workable on through websites and mobile apps just take your few time for installing. Moreover, create your account on LinkedIn through Gmail or other relevant platforms like live and yahoo etc. which provide individuals great opportunity to find multiple jobs on this platform within the country or outside the country in feature of their job section. Further, you can build networks of people all over the world both employees and employer. Therefore, most employers are using LinkedIn to find best candidate for induction in their companies’ even same employees is seeking job or willing switch their jobs. Especially, Pakistani Graduates must create their accounts on LinkedIn with their Formal Photo on profile, history of their experience, mention their certificate or skills and grow their network gradually.

1.1 Finding Jobs Through LinkedIn Job Search Section:

Fortunately, people on LinkedIn can interact with upper management of any local company or MNCs like the CEO, Managing Director, Chief Technology Officer Etc. More, it is free to make profile on LinkedIn but there are also paid features available on LinkedIn which are really beneficial for both employees and employer to reach the right company at a right time so paid features make this happen but there is a catch, all depends on your ability to get job opportunity and it is not the LinkedIn’s responsibility to make promise to get you the job but rather LinkedIn just connect the road between employee and employers. Moreover, if you are willing to find jobs in Pakistan on LinkedIn so I suggest you to join my page Jobzlelo where you will be surprised to get plenty of job opportunities all related sectors in Pakistan.

2. How To Search Jobs On Indeed:

Top Social Media Platforms with Conventional Ways Will Support Job Seekers to Find Jobs

Indeed is one of the leading job portal extremely using in Pakistan by most of the graduate and qualified individuals for better opportunities in job market. Further, it is totally free to use all over the world even in Pakistan because there efficient and effective job posting on their platform on timely bases. Moreover, indeed mobile application also available on google play to use easily anywhere anytime just a few clicks away. Moreover, Indeed is not only for graduates or individuals but also beneficial for employer or companies who are keen to find right candidate for the right position in less time period.

2.1 Essential Features in Indeed:

Further, indeed also offers many paid features but their free version is more common among a lot of graduates within Pakistan. More, you can use indeed by creating your account through Gmail or other emails, adding your personal information, upload your CV, search jobs as per your designation, sort out the indeed search  according to your need and eventually apply to jobs when its familiar to your qualification. Even, individuals are able to find oversees opportunities like Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait etc. Although, if you are willing to find in other countries so you have to change your countries location and set to your desired location like Dubai then search jobs as per requirement definitely the outcome will be astonishing.

3. How to Search Jobs on WhatsApp Groups:

Top Social Media Platforms with Conventional Ways Will Support Job Seekers to Find Jobs

WhatsApp is one of the most common social media app using by every individual globally. Further, it has more than billion users worldwide using this app because its part Meta Corporation which owns numerous exceptional social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, snapchat, threads etc. Although, you can create account in WhatsApp by adding your, profile pics and personal details while it’s cool to use for chatting, calling, sharing and making groups of certain of peoples depends on perceptions. Therefore, many individuals create groups related to jobs search for helping each other getting opportunities within Pakistan or abroad.

3.1 WhatsApp Isn’t Just For Chatting:

Recently, WhatsApp introduced many features but Channel is one them because particular person or organizations creates their social media channel to inform their announcements and updates through WhatsApp channel. More, newly graduates and job seekers are able to find desired jobs by using channels or groups on WhatsApp and you can join my channel Jobzlelo on WhatsApp for getting updates of latest jobs in Pakistani industry or foreign jobs as well as you can share this with friends circle for sure because sharing is caring and help and support each other.

4. How to Search Jobs on Facebook Groups:

Top Social Media Platforms with Conventional Ways Will Support Job Seekers to Find Jobs

Facebook is one of the prominent social media websites all over world. Further, it is also quite popular in Pakistan because young generation are more influence by social media but less with the books. More, In Facebook, individual can make their accounts easily and effortlessly with any disruptions and free of cost. Although, people can connect with other all around the world through Facebook. Moreover, Facebook has gained additional acceptance than other platforms like WhatsApp, snapchat, threads and Instagram etc.

Facebook has own more than 1 billion audience engaged only on Facebook so its means they have hold half of the world population on their social media sites. However, there are thousands of Pages and Groups related to Jobs updates made by individuals for other people support and valuable contents for people can engage through like, comment, share and follow. Moreover, Jobzlelo has made their page on Facebook for support and help graduates to find desired job as per their qualifications with latest jobs news and updates regarding current opening within Pakistan.

4.1 Facebook’s Essentials Will Surprise Individuals:

Facebook has potential to provide best valuable and updated content on time. Even, Individuals not only able to find jobs within Pakistan but also search jobs outside Pakistan by using Facebook through Pages and Groups efficiently and effectively. Moreover, When Individual are finding jobs on Facebook be careful with scam because there are a lot of fake profiles, pages and groups exist on Facebook and frauds people traps job seeker in their dark side by offering jobs with charging huge amount. So, Individual must take pre- cautionary approach before falling into any frauds schemes such as authentic employer contact through their Official Email and Contact Number, Job Seekers must cross verify the employers locations, email and contact numbers through google, LinkedIn or their own websites, Genuine Employer conduct interviews in their office or online, Reliable Employer conducts interviews in different levels, Trustworthy employer wont charge any money from their hired employees instead they bear each and every expenses by their account. In Short, Cross verification must be playing important role in job search and return back tremendous outcomes eventually.

5. How to Search Jobs through Employment Agencies:

Top Social Media Platforms with Conventional Ways Will Support Job Seekers to Find Jobs

It is one of the greatest source of getting jobs quickly in these difficult times. Although, there are many employment agencies who have been working to serve million unemployed graduates to be employment against charging handsome fees. Moreover, the fraud rates is also higher in this category because most of the employees won’t get employment instead getting trapped. More, Individual needs to take pro-active approaches when contact this type of agencies.

5.1 Too Old Technique But Effective:

These type of agencies are more helpful when an individual is willing to find jobs outside the Pakistan for better growth and prosper future. Furthermore, the scam rate are much higher in this case because individual just trap by their convinced conversations and false claims of evidence. Mostly, illiterate individual suffers from this type scammers because they are so naive to understand the fake faces behind them. In Short, there are many legit employment agencies have been functioning in Pakistan even Pakistani Government is also supporting through Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment. More, it is the best reliable and authentic source for finding in overseas easily and quickly with the registered employment agencies with the Government of Pakistan.

6. How to Find Jobs on Google Jobs Search:

Top Social Media Platforms with Conventional Ways Will Support Job Seekers to Find Jobs

Google is one of the most important search engine among peoples worldwide. Further, Google has billions of searches in Day solely on their platforms. Moreover, every solution of your problem is google when it comes to learning coding, searching best restaurant near by you, need support of installing windows, etc. Although, we are living in a Modern Era of Technology and Innovation due to getting support from any tech to perform our basic daily routine task easily and effectively.

6.1 Google Is The Solution Of Your Problems:

Job isn’t difficult to find when you great search engine like Google itself the solution of your all problems within seconds or minutes. Moreover, it was really difficult to find jobs easily before Google because we had newspaper instead Google and that was supposed to be our hope to seek jobs with limited exposure. However, Google makes things certain for individuals by just searching your desired job query like Accountant jobs, Marketing jobs, Government jobs etc. then get your results with multiple options in terms of many job posting websites to be selected as per your designation and apply for it till getting positive response.

6.2 Google Not Just A Search Engine:

Google has their own Jobs section which is dedicated to help and support individual to search jobs quickly on their particular Platform. More, you could find any latest jobs related to any industry, marketing, finance, human resource, supply chain, information technology, etc. Although, you can also get updates about new openings jobs in market by getting through Google Alert’s system and you can access it by creating your Gmail Account. Moreover, Google is on the verge of improving their Search Engine by implementing more Advanced, Progressive, and Cutting-Edge and Innovative upgrades like AI which can modify Google’s performance even faster than we can ever imagine. 

7. How to Find Jobs in Job Fairs:

Top Social Media Platforms with Conventional Ways Will Support Job Seekers to Find Jobs

Job fairs is the vital source to providing job opportunities even MNC’s positions for students after graduation. Further, it is a common events conduct by the Universities for students especially for fresh graduates who are seeking job to build their robust career. Further, it is compulsory in mostly private universities on annual basis but rarely happens in government universities due to lack of funds or may be other PR issues or they are over confident for their students getting a jobs easily because of their long established name in the industry.

7.1 Conventional Methods To Search Jobs:

It’s the best way to get job in terms of MTO and Internship programs in top notch companies. In Addition, More than 100 companies participate in job fairs to find right candidate for the right position in their organization. However, dark truth is that they prefer mostly high CGPA’s like 3.5 or more graduate and offer them a job then the rest who have less than 3 CGPA they wait for the call which they aren’t going to make it because they want hire best of the best in every context. Moreover, I don’t want to discourage graduate but it doesn’t mean to skip it just try again & again till land a perfect job because practice men perfect this type of events are platform to learn and polish your skills like how to perform in interview for the first time even every small questions they asked it had better to prepared for the next interview with all previous stuff.

8. How to Find Jobs on Reddit:

Top Social Media Platforms with Conventional Ways Will Support Job Seekers to Find Jobs

Reddit is an emerging social media platform regardless Facebook and Twitter (also known as X) and other social media platforms available on internet. More, People are heavily inclined towards using Reddit platforms along with other social media platforms but Reddit is quite famous for their trending content for individuals and people can unveil exclusive content with no limitations except their platforms rules and regulations. In Addition, Reddit has been growing day by day due to the support of the Google, Further, Google has invested Millions of Dollars in Reddit for learning and getting training for their AI products by the support of the Reddit. Definitely, Reddit is getting top positions in Google rank and it is more accessible for users and giving solutions for any type of query.

8.1 Emerging Social Media Platform Nowadays:

Let’s dive into deep of the ocean, Subreddit is an important part of Reddit itself. Furthermore, it’s a particular online community where anyone or who joined that community can post anything but related with community niche to interact and participate individuals of the same perceptions. Moreover, People are able to join many jobs posting or related subreddit communities to search desired jobs within country or outside of the country. More, Individuals ask questions related to Jobs or Interview preparations or can shared valuable information about workplace environment.

9. How to Land a Job by Referral:

Top Social Media Platforms with Conventional Ways Will Support Job Seekers to Find Jobs

Referral method is one of the conventional way to get a job. Though, this type of concept is pretty much common in job market because most of the people secure their First through Referral of any their relatives, friends or a person known etc. Moreover, its popularity has been decreasing since the online job portals introduced but still it’s workable in developing country like Pakistan. Further, it is find common government sectors especially getting jobs in any government body. On the Other Hand, it comes up with job security because all individual want job security in their career. Hence, fresh graduate should follow this methods to get better opportunities with extraordinary salary packages if their relatives is associated with government body or any Multinational National Companies. It sparks tremendous growth in careers for long term for those who choose this way.

9.1 Traditional Way Of Getting Job But Still Exist In Market:

Referral plays pivotal role in individual proficient career growth. Therefore, majority of people takes long period to reach their destination but few people who has referral support receive desire position in short time by crushing someone’s right. Consequently, many companies are losing their valuable assets and employees are switching their jobs in seeking of what they deserve but ultimately companies has been suffered for the consequences. For that reason, employee switch rate is getting higher day by day especially in Information Technology Sector.

Conclusion: Creative Ways to Find a Job Easily and Effectively

Top Social Media Platforms with Conventional Ways Will Support Job Seekers to Find Jobs

Job searching is another difficult problem to be cracked in this on-going uncertain circumstances for graduates. Moreover, there was a time where people had limited qualified individuals but right now it is considered to be countless even you can’t imagine majority of graduates exist in market but the jobs are limited. Further, people are more inclined towards pursuing jobs rather than doing their business because business comes up with high risk and high profit while job comes up with having low risk and high profit but there is no flexibility or balanced life ahead in job however business has.

Business vs Job is another point of discussion both come up with different direction for distinctive individuals because it’s all about long term or short term objective. Moreover, Business teaches more than job individuals who run business have to take every possible aspects into consideration like marketing, supply-chain, finance, public relations etc. While, Job provides specific responsibilities within your boundaries like if you are working in finance department then you won’t interfere in marketing operations.

Combination of Social Media And Conventional Ways Helps To Lands A Dream Job:

As Above, we have enlighten the important ways which support job seekers to find jobs easily and effectively by using Social Media Platforms with Conventional ways such as LinkedIn, Indeed, WhatsApp, Facebook, Employment Agencies, Google Jobs, Job fairs , Reddit and Referral. However, we are living in modern world of technology where we can get access millions of stuff by just clicking on the internet. Therefore, Today’s generation are aware about technology than previous generations because innovation technology is on the peak but still improving ways much better than never before. More, the verge of Artificial Intelligence gradually transforming technology into more futuristic due to AI new jobs will be created but the traditional jobs will be eliminated soon. In this Article, we suggests crucial ways to find jobs for graduate with no experience which suits as per individual’s qualifications. Moreover, graduates probably get desired opportunities in top notch companies within country or in foreign countries. Although, everything is possible if you are capable to do so. Further, it is an individual’s actions of how they perceived the situation to determinate the every possible way out and evaluate the targeted purpose.

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